Ladies and Mental Gems

Everyone caught on fire and it was awesome


Thank you frands for playing with me for 3 hours <3

You can watch the escapades on:

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Glowing necklaces available once again in my shop! -

Even though the winged ones take a lot longer to make, people like them a lot, so I managed to make 10 of them this week~! Along with other designs, of course. Remember, these sell out really fast, so if you want one, better get it now! I upload new designs every few weeks or so (unless I’m hella busy), so if you want to know how to get notified about uploads, or if you have any other questions, read this FAQ here!

Hope you’re all having a lovely weekend~!


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Filmmaker Rob Spence lost his eye in 2008 and has now replaced where his eye was with a camera.

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I got this comic. One of my favorites, actually.

(no wait, I’m thinking of the one with the robotized sonic, which is different from all the metal sonics.)

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Streaming L4D2


I’m a whiny butt and I broke the game

I can promise that I won’t /try/ to set people on fire.

I can’t promise that people won’t wind up on fire.

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Gonna be playing LEft 4 Dead 2 on Steam later tonight


I scream, wail, cry and catch on fire. I’m also a terribad shot and prone to dying.

If you would like to play with me, There are two other spots open.

1. Me, Myself and I (Manda-Monster)

2. Blue is my Clue (Shota)

3. Nicker Knocker Nick (Lcom)

4. This could be you

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this is my work wallpaper - it looks especially crazy tiled on larger screens and bothers IT staff immensely.




guys i drew a giraffe

my oc necky minaj

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