Ladies and Mental Gems


First off:

  • Kinzie Kensington is a cutie and probably the best character in the Saint’s Row games.
  • Is this because she wears a hoodie, sits on computers all day, is bad at social norms but doesn’t feel ashamed of it? Probably.
  • Are all those reasons just fancy ways to justify liking that scene where Pierce finds a giant dildo in her wearhouse/room because she didn’t even try to hide it? also probably.


  • Trying to work on lineweight.
  • The way I originally learned lineweight was “try to thicken lines at places where lines meet at near-90 angles, and also at places that would be shaded anyway.” This never worked for me.
  • What I’ve done here is make a p. even lineweight, and then go back and add weight to lines that I want to call attention to. Bangs that frame the face, the back of the bun, and the tips of the ponytail
  • That gap at the back of the head works on basically the opposite idea. No one is caring about that part, so don’t even draw it. I’ve never been able to think about not drawing a thing that, if this were tangible, would be there.

I’m not used to thinking of things as just composition and eye movement (I never really even understood what they were talking about in all the 200 different times I’ve heard it explained). I normally approach everything as just “what is this form, what is the view of it, so how do we render those?”

But I have made a cutie here, so I need to try this more often.


How To Draw Better In 2 Minutes

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"well SOME cops are good"


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This is the end of it all

I want it

this is……..

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thank you  so much for wishing me a happy birthday

gracias por desearme feliz cumpleaños


I don’t know.

Here, have a Youmu doodle.

I hate sketching digitally. Lines just never get put where I want them, and I think it’s because of…screen ratio changes or something. I don’t even know.


Don’t worry the turtle has a friend.

さまになってる by 茶とむ

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When you’re just scrolling and then you suddenly find porn


When you scroll down and you keep seeing more and more


What makes this so accurate is the amount of cocks

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